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Computer Service Plan

Customer Computer Service Plan

Welcome to Escambia Computers Customer Computer Service Plan for windows operated laptop and desktop computers. In today’s world it’s important to stay connected to friends, loved ones and more often work through your desktop and laptop computers. Joining our Customer Service Plan will give you peace of mind and you’ll always know who to call for your digital needs. Our Customer Service Plan is a great gift for older loved ones. Let us be your mothers personal IT department.


Our PC Computers Customer Service Plan is a 1 year contract that starts with a FREE on site visit to evaluate your digital needs. Our technicians will do a FREE tune up of all windows based desktop and laptop computers you wish to include in your Service Plan. Our technician will let you know of any needed upgrades or repairs. We can also do a home electronic and digital check up of your current devices and their connectivity and make sure your internet speed meets your needs.

Your Service Plan

Our Customer Service Plan includes discounts on our standard visit price of $70 the first hour and $35 in 30 minutes increments thereafter.

  • 25% off your computer service visit for the term of the contract.
  • 25% off installation and set up of most  home sound systems and media devices.   
  • 25% off most hardware installation and setup such as home office devices, wireless security systems, digital locks, etc…

Escambia Computers Customer Service Plan membership cost is $199 per year for the first computer and $100 for each additional computer you wish to include in your plan.

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