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Computer Services and Repairs

Our Services

Escambia Computers provides the best local service to Pensacola and the surrounding areas. Our services are fast and affordable. We come to your home or business for on-site computer/laptop repair. We also offer pick-up and return of your computer.


Laptop Repair

Escambia Computers repairs all brands of windows based laptops. Amount of time needed can vary for different brands.


Desktop Computer Repair

This can encompass many issues from a simple tune-up or cleaning to reinstallation of a windows based operating system.


Wireless Network

Our technicians can help you set up and install wireless networks for your home or business.


Virus Removal

Malware is more pervasive today than ever. Keeping your window based laptop and desk top computers cleaned of any malignant malware on a regular bases.


Computer Upgrades

A simple upgrade of your motherboard, hard drive, graphics card, power supply and memory card can make your desktop/ laptop computer respond faster and run the latest programs.


Hardware Repair

We specialize in Hardware Repair services, offering only top quality and efficient results.


Media Installation

We mount flat screen TV's, connect it to the cable box and router. We help consolidate remotes to an universal remote. We set up home audio systems.


Electronic Device Installation

Escambia Computers install and set up all types of electronic devices such as, electronic door locks, wireless security systems, printers, and devices needed for your home office.

Our Service Pricing Is Easy

We charge by the hour. Minimum 1 hour at $70 afterward $35 per half hour increments